A mastermind for the foundations of an epic fatherhood.



– in our 9 wk online program

Become an epic dad with other epic dads!

Together we are reversing the epidemic of absent fatherhood.

Are you ready to really face yourself?

My relationships are mirrors for all of my wounds and my greatest opportunities to heal and grow.

Present fathers lean in to the hard lesson while absent fathers run from them.

New Dad Network gives you the tools to turn fatherhood into a springboard for growth.

Did you know?

Within 1yr of a child's birth,

more than 70% of couples were dissatisfied with their relationship?

This is what they don't prepare you for in the baby books...

  • Increased conflict due to time stresses and lack of independence
  • Inability to navigate the change in relationship roles from intimate partners to mothers and fathers
  • Physical and psychological changes in both parents coupled with sleep deprivation
  • Lack of community support and increased desire to provide financially leads to father's withdrawal

This is your team to prepare for the challenges ahead!

What follows relational dissatisfaction?

Consider the statistics on divorce in the US.

  • 50% of all marriages will end in divorce
  • Under 8 years is the average length of a marriage in the US
  • 70% of divorces are initiated by the wife
  • 90% of mothers have custody of their child
  • 79% of custodial mothers receive child support
  • 43% of children in the US live without their fathers
  • $15,000 is the average cost of legal fees associated with divorce in the United States.
  • $500 is the average cost of an uncontested divorce where both parties agree to terms and no lawyer is involved.
  • Families with children who were not poor before divorce see there income drop as much as 50%

Arguments, lack of equality, infidelity, married too young and lack preparation for marriage

are among the highest reasons given for divorce. If this sounds familiar, can you afford to wait?

The Absent Father Epidemic

  • Approximately 7 million biological dads are absentee dads to all of their minor children
  • 1 in 3 children live in homes without their biological father or any father at all.
  • 57% of African American children are living in homes without a father present.
  • Households without fathers are 4 times more likely to live below the poverty line.
  • Children growing up without a father are two times as likely to commit suicide.
  • 90% of Children Unhoused and Runaways in America are from Fatherless Households.
  • 80% of All Rapists with Anger Issues Were Raised in Fatherless Households.

A staggering as these numbers are, they don't even begin to address the countless fathers who are physically present and still emotionally and psychologically absent.

Grow your capacity to hold the big things, by becoming...


Emotionally available, loving, capable of expressing emotions without creating harm, and conscious to patterns of withdrawal.


Cultivate the ability to respond to obstacles and challenges as the greatest opportunities for growth as a father and a human.


Contributing to healthy, vibrant relationships that support interdependence and the capacity for true generational wealth.

We focus on the tools that prepare Dads to:

  • Put an end to generations of unhealthy parenting patterns
  • Find a work life balance that brings greater joy and freedom
  • Create lasting bonds with your children
  • Maintain a presence that safely navigates the emotional storms of pregnancy
  • Show up to our family without sacrificing your self
  • Find more joy and ease in your partnership
  • Keep the romance alive in your relationship for a long time to come
  • Make fatherhood the fuel to power your business and legacy
  • Learn proven habits to build a stronger mind and body to meet the challenges of fatherhood
  • Find confidence in your parenting and security in your relationships
  • Learn to father yourself on the journey to fathering your children
  • Create lasting bonds with dads you can turn to in times of need
  • Commit to investing in your families future by investing in yourself


The 9 week online dojo for dads learning to play the father game at an elite level

Get ready to:

Create enduring bonds with your child and partner

Discover the secrets to attachment bonds and how they are already shaping your life.

Find more joy and ease in your partnership

Reveal strategies to meet in Rumi's field beyond all right doing and wrong doing.

Fuel your business and your legacy

Learn to use fatherhood as a springboard for achieving your most fulfilling life.


  • Weekly 1hr group calls facilitated by me and my world class team of coaches
  • Individualized coaching support via app
  • 24/7 access to online curriculum and video resources
  • Weekly challenges/reflections to focus attention on your areas of strength and weakness
  • Private online community for regular check-ins and access to around the clock support
  • Opportunity to participate in annual retreat


Week 1: Stewarding parent - Let go of control and reveal the mystery and rewards that await in being a steward of love.

Week 2: Shadows Revealed - Dive into the depths of your cultural and historical patterns to uncover your unique parenting challenges and the opportunities to rewrite generational trauma.

Week 3: Inspirational Leadership - Unlock your greatest potential with your deepest why and your personal code to live by.

Week 4: Fight, Fuck, and Feed - Get into your primal animal, increase your masculine vitality, and become a beast in every arena.

Week 5: Compassionate Communication - Learn to speak the language of emotions and find clarity to speak and listen more effectively.

Week 6: Sex Magic - Remove the blocks to sex and intimacy through pregnancy and beyond.

Week 7: Nurturing Spirit - Keys to understanding and caring for the essential emotional needs of your family as they change and grow.

Week 8: Securely Attached - Uncover your attachment styles and personal way to creating lasting bonds with your baby, your partner and yourself.

Week 9: Generational Wealth - Get real about the legacy you wish to create and the tools necessary to get you there.







The Leadership Team

We are fathers, with maybe a few extra tools in our belt but fatherhood itself is our greatest teacher. From our experiences as dads, our collective work creating safe spaces men to express themselves, and our diverse tool belts this program was born. With many lessons of turning boys into men, we now come together to turn dads into fathers.

Kelly Gardner

After 15 yrs of fatherhood and 25yrs guiding and creating spaces for social and emotional learning, Kelly is all in on leading dads towards an evolution in fatherhood. A practiced storyteller with a toolbelt for effective leadership and communication, this is the intersection of his expertise and what the world most needs right now.

Craig Lemay

Heart forward Titan, proud father, lover, and transformational coach. Life is art... in its imperfection is beauty and purpose. As an intimacy and relationship mentor it is my intention to support and guide people to fall deeply and wildly in love with themselves. What you believe about yourself, determines what is possible for you.



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  • Connect with like minded dads committed to playing at the highest level.
  • Clarify your vision for fatherhood and add to the collective vision of what fatherhood gets to be
  • Reveal opportunities to become a founing father of this movement.
  • Receive additional resources to support your journey.

Its never too early, and if your reading this, its not too late.

This course is designed to create early interventions that create a solid foundation to support the challenges and growth opportunities that come with becoming a dad.


Its never to late to rebuild your foundation. If you are experiencing a major transition in your role as a parent this community may be right for you. Weather starting over with a new family or in the process of divoce or seperation from your partner, now is the best time to get support in rebuilding on solid ground.

Interested in supporting the movement?

We are currently seeking aligned partnerships and fiscal sponserships with non-profits, foundations and individuals interested in supporting the cause. If you or someone you know would like to contriute to supporting the present fathers movement, please reach out and let us know. The world needs the evolution of fathers from absent to truly present and we need your support for this movement to grow.


What is my weekly commitment for this program?

The first commmitment is to attend a weekly 1hr group coaching session Thursdays at 8:30p EST. The program consist of approximately 2hrs of learning and reflections per week to be completed at any time throughout the week.

Why do I have to apply for the program?

Taking the time to apply and give thought to why you are joining this program is the first step to insuring that everyone involved is commited to showing up.

Why is the cost of the program not posted?

We believe in applying a sliding scale to encourage each participant to have skin in the game and allow for a diversity of economic backgrounds. The financial contribution will be discussed on the call along with potential scholarships and discounts.

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